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What is Digital Interior Design?

Digital design for interiors (also known as edesign & online design) is a simple, affordable alternative to a traditional interior design service carried out entirely online, removing the need for in person meetings & site visits. Effectively meaning we can design your space without ever stepping foot inside your home, which in the middle of a pandemic is a huge bonus!

Why choose Digital Design?

At Studio Kin, we personally don’t see any negative sides to digital design, as long as this is the most suitable service for your project. I have outlined a few points below that may help you decide.

As we never step foot inside your space we need you to do the initial part of our job, the site survey! With this more hands on approach, you will learn more about the design process & be ready to tackle your space once you have received your digital design with personalised shopping list.

Typically, a digital design has a faster turnaround time than a traditional, bespoke service due to generally working on one area at a time, making it simpler to achieve. At Studio Kin, we aim to get your design back to you within 2 weeks, letting you know for any reason if this may be longer before we put pen to paper.

We charge a flat rate for our digital design packages allowing you to relax knowing your scheme will be sent over without any surprise extras added on.

Digital design tends to be more affordable than the traditional bespoke interior design service as you are doing some of the initial site work for us. We also endeavour to pass on discount codes from selected retailers meaning you could potentially save in excess of our fees.... Win win!

When you receive your design, you decide how long it will take. You may want to do it in a few stages or you may be too impatient (like us) and want it all done now. It’s entirely up to you!

How does Digital Design work?

Below we have outlined the stages of a digital design package.

  1. Once you’ve purchased your ideal digital package, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire so we can get to know you & your space a little better.

  2. Within the questionnaire we ask you to upload a few photos or a video so we can get a feel for your room/s. We will need overall dimensions of the room to start & will ask for further dimensions if we feel necessary.

  3. If your package includes it, we will then arrange an hour, online consultation to get to know you and your style a little more. A good old chat with a cup of coffee or even a glass of something!

  4. We will draw your space up into a 2D floor plan, adding suggested furniture in the most suitable places, ensuring the perfect flow for your room/s.

  5. Once the floor plan has been agreed, the real fun starts as we work into the overall look & feel of the space, applying all the elements to achieve your dream interior.

  6. We will send over your finalised presentation in the agreed time frame, usually within a few weeks, including all you need to realise the design into reality.

  7. If your package includes design support, we will be contactable via email during working hours & we will aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

  8. It’s over to you then to book trades people or pick up a brush and get started on transforming your space.

  9. When you’re finished, we’d love a few photos to see how it’s come together!

At the end of the day, every project is different & digital design may not be right for your project and that’s fine. We are not going to get upset if you’d rather we came over for a chat & a cup of tea, oh and quote for a bespoke service. We love meeting new people & their homes.

Look forward to chatting about your project!


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