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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

If you missed the first introduction you can catch that here. It was the brief story behind Studio Kin and the back story behind founder, Michaella. Now it's over to the other founder, Rachel...

Hi, Rachel, here!

Having flirted with a few different ideas for careers when younger, including marine biologist and criminal psychologist, it was fairly clear that I needed something far more creative. When Laurence Llewlyn Bowen amongst others graced our screens during the 90’s, sometimes questionably changing rooms, I was pretty fixed on my future career, just minus the frilly sleeves!

After completing a degree in Interior Architecture, I was set free into the wide world of design where I promptly got a job at an exhibition and commercial interior design agency. My first weekend on the job I was in Paris working around the clock to get ready for opening morning… what a welcome to the events world… I was well and truly hooked!

Fast forward 8 years, I had climbed the ranks to, so to speak, and was expecting my first child. Wow, what a change that was, working to pay my childcare and hardly seeing my baby, the job didn’t add up anymore. After toying with the idea of leaving for some time, I took the plunge and went freelance… hands down the best career decision I ever made. It opened my eyes to different business models and corporate clients, met loads of new creative & talented people but best of all working it around my boy.

A little while into freelance life, I met Michaella. We really started to chat properly when we realised we were both expecting our second babies, eventually being born just 6 weeks apart, we soon became good friends. Back at work and having worked on several projects together, we made a great team… complementary skill sets & aligned design aesthetics, our tea chats quickly turned into interior business dreaming/planning. Fast forward to 2020 and we all know what happened… my freelance work dried up overnight and the events industry was in tatters. Our dream seemed to have an ideal window of opportunity to be set free.

So here we are, January 2021 and we are launching our new business - Studio Kin.

We look forward to taking you along on this exciting journey with us!

Take care

Rachel xx

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