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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

For our first blog post we thought we’d introduce ourselves, the faces behind the name, Studio Kin.

Studio Kin is an interior design studio, founded by us, Michaella & Rachel, after our mutual love of all things design, particularly interiors, made us firm friends. Having met whilst working for an experiential agency and having many lunchtime chats about juggling design careers & general family life with young kids, we felt there was a need for a family centred design studio. This is why Studio Kin was born - Kin meaning Family.

So that’s a little about us - Studio Kin, but the real nitty gritty comes in our individual stories split over two posts!

Hey! Michaella here.

I always knew I wanted to do something creative, as a child I would collect fabric swatches and ribbons like some sort of borrower in case any of my creative projects needed them. I remember when I was 12, my parents let me choose the colour scheme for my bedroom and lilac and lime green was on trend - it was the 90’s so please forgive me! I'm pretty sure there was an inflatable chair in there too! (cringe!)

At school I excelled in Art, proudly winning an award and getting an A* in my Art GCSE.

During my time at 6th Form, it was the creative subjects namely graphics and textiles which held my interest. I went on to study a foundation diploma in Art and design which set me up for my degree in Graphic Communication at UCCA (Formally Surrey Institute of Art and Design).

At the end of year show, a business card was left on my work from what I thought was a little company over the old cobbled road in Farnham, Surrey. Turns out they are a pretty big exhibition and experiential agency working with the likes of HSBC, Intel and more recently TikTok and so began my design career with a company I would end up working for for 12 + years! (with a couple of maternity leaves thrown in!)

I gained valuable experience both creatively and in project management during my time there. Working alongside 3D designers broadened my knowledge of spatial design and this is how I met Rachel who was freelancing at the time. Creatively we clicked and having both had our first babies and expecting our second we had so much in common and a friendship formed. We both understood the juggle between family life and design career, especially with the hours the exhibition industry demanded.

I was asked to lead some of the agencies interior projects and this is when the penny dropped for me. I had found my passion.

Throw in a global pandemic and as a result redundancy. This gave me the headspace to think about what I really wanted to do next and something I kept coming back to in my mind was interiors.

Michaella x

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